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Creating Users

Be able to create different types of users and customize their access.
Supplier Database

In our business model we use a shared supplier database with basic information, such as company creation date, number of employees, certifications, among other critical information.
Customized Directory

As a B2B platform, you can create a customized supplier directory that will be continually updated, considering its always suppliers’ best interest to maintain their data in order to take part in tender and auction processes.
Invite your Suppliers

Invite your suppliers to be part of ORDON, it´s totally free for them.
On-line Negotiation

You´ll have different Negotiation Techniques, such as Reverse Auction or Tenders.
Negotiation Rounds

Want to negotiate? with ORDON you can make several negotiations rounds, modify bidding schemas and conditions, without losing any of the previous information since the initial process.
Query acquittal

Each tender will have its own question and answer forum, guaranteeing their anonymity.
Comparative tables

You will have a comparative chart of the offers, being able to export it to Excel with a single click.
Create tenders in only 3 minutes

Our philosophy is agility, that is why we have endeavored to create a tender in a maximum of 3 minutes.
Use your own SKU’s codes and descriptions

In our platform you can use your internal SKU’s codes and descriptions just by copying and pasting them from an Excel. That easy.

Tracking is synonymous of transparency. In Ordon you will have full access to information, from invited suppliers to offers, questions and answers and others.
Audited notifications and alerts

Our notification delivery system is audited, which means that you will be able to know if the notifications reached the suppliers.